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Arizona forest

Arizona is known for its incredibly warm, if not scorching summers as well as its unseasonably warm climate all year long.  Although it is not blazing hot all of the time, there are some places to escape the heat when the heat becomes unbearable.  With the weather starting to warm up from winter and the snow beginning to melt up north, it’s time to start planning those summer camping trips.  Spending time up north in the mountains is one of my family’s favorite pastimes that will continue in the years to come as long as we all work together to ensure our forests remain safe.  While nature is responsible for many wildfires, sadly, most are preventable as they are human caused.

🌲The biggest thing to look out for to ensure our forests’ safety is to watch for the posted fire danger signs as you enter each forest.  Make sure you adhere to their warning as they mean business if you fail to listen.  Often times a wildfire outbreak gives you only a few moments to vacate the area.

🌲Use caution when you have to pull over for vehicle maintenance.  You don’t want to pull onto the brush as that can also trigger a flame to ignite.  Try to pull over on pavement when at all possible.

🌲When cooking and/or using any time of lantern or heater and the fuel it takes to keep them running.  Please make sure you are paying close attention and you are reading the safety labels that are on them.  You never know when a spark will surface.  And as the expression goes, it only takes a spark to get a fire going!

🌲If it’s a time of year where campfires are allowed, please do so in only the designated areas.  Be sure to always keep the fire supervised by an adult and extinguish all fires thoroughly.  This means using both water and dirt.  You’ll want to completely stir the ashes until they are cold.  This is necessary each and every time you have a campfire.

🌲For those of you that smoke, please do so responsibly and put your cigarette out completely, preferably in water.

🌲Watch the weather as you never know when an Arizona storm with rear its ugly head.  Although quite beautiful, our Arizona storms mean business.  A lightning strike can be seconds away from starting a blaze.

🌲Know where your ranger stations are.  Quickly call for help if you see or smell trouble brewing!

🌲Always be sure to bring a shovel and fire retardant with you each and every time and have an emergency escape plan just in case.  Your diligence will help us and future Arizonians to enjoy our state forests for years to come!  And if an emergency does occur, please be sure to follow all evacuation orders immediately.  You don’t have time to waste as wildfires often have a mind of their own.


Need suggestions on where to locate some of Arizona’s forests?  Interested in looking for your permanent summer escape?  Let me know how I can help!  I’d love to help you find a cabin to escape the valley’s heat.

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