Desert Ridge Master Planned Community

Desert Ridge Master Planned Community
Kelly Norton:
Welcome to Desert Ridge. Today, I’m going to take you through a couple of the communities, Aviano, also Sanctuary, and the original Desert Ridge homes that are in the north Phoenix area.

Hi, I’m Kelly Norton, your AZ Realty Lady at eXp Realty. Count on me for all things Arizona real estate

We’re also going to take a visit to all the amazing amenities nearby Desert Ridge, all the shopping and the dining. So come along with me today on this tour. The Desert Ridge community was developed as a master planned community in the mid to late ’90s, so there is the mall area. Then surrounded by the mall area, there are a ton of houses. The houses had started being built in the mid to late ’90s as well. So right now if you were to try and purchase one of these homes, there are some smaller ones, but there’s also much larger and there’s even newer houses now because we have some subdivisions that were built within the Desert Ridge platform of that master planned community. So if you were looking at getting one of the homes that are mid ’90s, so ’96 build to early 2000s, there are some that are anywhere from 1600 square feet, and then they go all the way up to 3,500 to 4,000 square feet.

The prices on those are going to be putting you around that mid 400 range. And then of course, all the way up close to 900. Now that’s for the ones that are in the original Desert Ridge block. And then there’s the other communities that we’ll talk about today as well, which is Aviano and Sanctuary. There are a few more, but in one video, we don’t want to overwhelm you too much. So I’m just going to be talking about these three areas. So the original Desert Ridge area, the Aviano community, and then also Sanctuary.

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The Homeowners Association in Desert Ridge is 222 semi-annual. And then if you’re in one of the other communities, then you’ll have a second HOA fee, but if you’re in the original Desert Ridge area where the homes are built in the mid ’90s to the early 2000s, then you’re just looking at the 222 semi-annual. Now there’s no community pool in those communities, but in some of the other ones, there are more specific community amenities. So Desert Ridge is a community that is very popular in the north Phoenix area in the county of Maricopa County. The reason why this location is so amazing is because you can be to downtown Phoenix in a little under 20 to 25 minutes, and you have major freeways that are right nearby. So you have the 51 freeway and the loop 101 that border that Desert Ridge area.

There’s several neighborhoods inside Desert Ridge that we’ll discuss here in a moment. There’s also a lot shopping nearby, and you have all of your major conveniences. You have Walgreens, you have Walmart’s nearby, Target, PetSmart, Kohl’s. There’s an outdoor mall space that has a ton of dining, a ton of shopping. Pretty much all the conveniences that you need are right at the corner. You could even walk to these from your home. The Desert Ridge community is also home to a lot of Mayo Clinic employees. There is a Mayo Clinic that is just about two minutes down the road. It’s literally two miles away from the Desert Ridge community. So this is a fabulous location if you have treatments going on at Mayo Clinic, or if you need to get to work, if you work there. There’s also other major hospitals nearby.

We do have a bus system that goes down Tatum, because Desert Ridge borders Tatum Boulevard and Deer Valley. So that’s where the shopping center is. And then the housing developments are within two miles all around that location. So you can walk to dining. You can walk to the bus if you needed to take a bus. 20 minutes to downtown, 30 minutes to go catch a Cardinals game. And if you like PGA Golf, of course in the spring, well, I should say early spring, so in January, February time, if you want to catch the golf tournament, that’s only about seven minutes down the road from the Desert Ridge area.

Now, if you want to get out of town and you’re living in the Desert Ridge area, you can be to Flagstaff within two hours. You can be to the Sedona area in about an hour and 20 minutes, and Payson, which is in the White Mountain areas, in about an hour and a half. So, conveniences to get out of town, go get a little bit of snow, a little cooler weather, but don’t have to drive far.

The major universities that would be nearby the Desert Ridge community would be Arizona State University. That’s only going to be about a 25 minute drive for you. We also have many community colleges. You have Scottsdale Community College and Paradise Valley Community College. PV Community College is only about 10 minutes from the Desert Ridge area, where Scottsdale Community College is about 15 to 20 minutes. And then Glendale Community College is also about 20 to 25 minutes away. So there’s a lot of schooling that you can do nearby that Desert Ridge area as well.

Now on a scale for the younger classmen, the area has top rated A-plus schools. So your elementary schools nearby, there’s a few, one that is definitely highly ranked is Wildfire Elementary School. And then you have Explorer Middle School that is being fed from the homes in the area as well, and then Pinnacle High School. So this area definitely feeds high ranked schools. There is another high school nearby that has an exclusive program that’s a STEM school within its high school, and that’s called … Paradise Valley High School is the high school, but the Crest program, which has very unique high school programs for engineering, computer science, and then also anyone that wants to get into the medical field. So there’s really great school opportunities nearby.

One of the major attractions in the Desert Ridge area is of course the Desert Ridge Mall. Now again, that’s located at Tatum and the loop 101 freeway. This area began development in the year 2000. Now some of the major retailers in the areas, Old Navy, American Eagle Outfitters, Barnes & Noble, Kohl’s, Target, PetSmart, Ross, Home Goods, Joanne’s, of course go catch a coffee at Starbucks. There’s also grocery shopping all part of this Desert Ridge Mall area. And that is Albertsons located right there at Deer Valley and Tatum. This is walking distance to the Desert Ridge communities. And of course we have Total Wine and More in the area, Walgreens and CVS both at Desert Ridge and all of your major banking institutions as well.

So in the Desert Ridge Mall, there’s also a ton of dining options for you. So there’s major diners, which we have Mimi’s Cafe, BJ’s Brewery, California Pizza Kitchen, the Yard House. There’s even entertainment at Dave and Buster’s. So here you can actually grab a bite to eat and everyone of all ages can play and have fun here. It’s almost like a giant arcade for all age groups, but you also can grab a beer or grab dinner or go bowling. It’s just a really huge entertainment facility. And that’s right here at Desert Ridge. Now if you wanted a little bite to eat, we also have things like Chipotle. There’s subway. We have a Pita Jungle. There’s some smaller places that you can eat as well if you’re not looking for the real large restaurant experience.

Now Desert Ridge is also home to the JW Marriott at Desert Ridge. What’s nice here is that they do have wonderful restaurants, a golf course, there’s even a resort and spa. The amenities in this resort are impalpable. They have this wonderful slides and pools for all your guests. So, when you only want people to stay with you for a day or two, and then you want to have them stay somewhere else, you have the JW Marriott resort just right next door, which is perfect.

One of the really great things about living in Aviano would definitely be the recreation centers. So you have fitness, racquetball, tennis, basketball. You also have an outdoor entertainment center that the community comes together and does events. There’s also a full commercial kitchen, which is awesome. There’s different events that are held there as well. It’s just a wonderful community with so much to offer. The homes are beautiful. Driving through the community is beautiful. And the location is stellar because it’s right here at Desert Ridge with all the conveniences right nearby.

Another gorgeous community in the Desert Ridge area is Sanctuary at Desert Ridge. Now this is a gated community that is located on Tatum Boulevard between Deer Valley and Pinnacle Peak, and it’s on the west side of Tatum. Now this community is surrounded by the backdrop of the Sonora Desert, so there’s a lot of lush landscaping, desert landscape. There’s some community parks within the community. There is a workout facility and a rec room and a community pool here. So what’s really beautiful about this community is that you have these gorgeous homes, but they also have little park areas and greenery spread throughout the community. So as you walk through, there’s little areas where you can sit on a bench, and it’s just a really beautiful community.

Now the homes in this community range in square footage from about 2000 square feet up to about 4000 square feet. Now this community is a little bit newer than others in the Desert Ridge area. This community was built in 2016 and 2017 from Taylor Morrison, which is a very well-known builder here in the Valley. Your lot sizes in Sanctuary are a little bit on the smaller side. So your average lot size is 5,800 square feet in this community. There’s a few that are bigger, around 7,000, 8,000 square feet, but for the most part, you’re going to be hovering right around the 6,000 square foot for the lot size. Now your average sales price in this community can range, but if you’re getting one of the smaller homes, depending on the lot size, and if you back to the desert area, you can be in that 600,000 to 700,000 range. And the prices currently at the time of filming this in 2021, the prices go up to that million point.

Now there are single story and two story homes in this community, almost half and half. And again, it’s gated. You have a pool, you have a rec center and you have all the conveniences of Desert Ridge nearby. So your Homeowners Association dues in the area, remember you have your Desert Ridge, which is 222 semi-annual, and then on top of that, you have your Sanctuary for your own private community, and that’s 172 a month. So you have the two different HOAs, which is very standard in the area. Just like we talked about with the other Desert Ridge communities, that you have the 222, and then if you have an exclusive community within Desert Ridge, then you’ll of course have that secondary Homeowners Association fee.

No, although Sanctuary has a grand entrance, there’s actually only 132 homes in the community. So you still have a private community feel, even though you’re in the master planned community of Desert Ridge

Hi, I’m Kelly Norton, your AZ Realty Lady at eXp Realty. Count on me for all things Arizona real estate.
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