Fun Things to Do in Peoria Az

Fun Things to Do in Peoria Az
Kelley Norton:
Peoria, Arizona. One of my favorite cities. Hi, I’m Kelley Norton, your AZ Realty Lady at EXP Realty. Count on me for all things Arizona real estate.

The city was established in 1886 by four families that relocated from Peoria, Illinois. And that’s how it got its name. With a population approximately 200,000 people, you can expect rolling hills, mountain backdrops in the North Peoria area. What fun things can you do in Peoria, Arizona? Well, let me begin my list. There’s hiking. There’s biking. You can pull out your side-by-side and go for a ride in the desert. Plus, you have the Lake Pleasant Regional Park, where you can go boating and fishing and do more hiking and catch more trails.

You also have amazing spring training facilities here. So at the Peoria Sports Complex, you can catch a game. Yep, that’s right. That can be the Seattle Mariners or the San Diego Padres. I love Peoria. And now, here’s some footage of me out and about in the city of Peoria, Arizona and enjoy some of the beautiful scenery along the way.

Hi, I’m Kelley Norton and I’m your AZ Realty Lady. If you like the information I’m sharing, please subscribe here for more wonderful tips on the valley of the sun. If there’s any other questions that you have, feel free to reach out to me directly. My cell number is (602) 330-5856. And I’ll have it right here for you. Also email me, reach out any way. Whatever works for you, I’m here for you. And I answer my phone. Take care.
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